Support & Maintenence Overview

Geodrill operates a modern, state of the art workshop and 20-acre property to 20-acre property supply base near Kumasi, Ghana, to provide rig repair and equipment/supply storage. The workshop manufactures up to 260 different consumables to 320, including drill rods, which helps to minimize delivery delays and shipping costs associated to sourcing parts from external vendors. Approximately 10% of our parts to 15% of our parts are manufactured in-house, with the potential for increasing that.

Essentially all of Geodrill's rig fleet is deployed to projects within a 12-hour radius of the operational base. This limits costs relating to mobilization/demobilization, and also allows for a more responsive service offering than competitors can normally provide. Having a centralized operational base also allows us to minimize downtime, as well as increase trucking, shipping and supply response times.