Children of the Light

September 2012

Children of the Light (COTL) is an educational ministry for children of Kitase and surrounding villages in Ghana’s Eastern Region. COTL was founded in Ghana, West Africa in August of 2005 by Jeanette Brown Opoku with her family of three children from Auckland, New Zealand with the intention of providing holistic, child-centered education in order to glorify God and further the gospel. Their ministry involves consistent after school programs for one-on-one and small group learning. Similarly, unique programs are offered each year for the children. In addition to academia, the children are helped to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Geodrill believes that by supporting COTL we are able to help children break out of the harsh cycle of inadequate education and grow to reach their full potential.

Giving LIGHT to the ‘Children of the Light’.

Since COTL’s inception, they have seen children learn how to read, greatly improve their penmanship, grasp English as a second language, and develop their art, spelling, and math abilities. COTL serves all people regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religious affiliation. Jeanette recently held a Spelling B competition for the children where the top winners received a solar lamp each.

Geodrill felt privileged to be able to contribute the Solar Lamps produced by ERE as one of the prizes which were given as a reward to the children for their hard work and efforts. Furthermore, these lamps were able to provide clean electricity to their caretaker who looks after their land where there is no source of electricity available.

Geodrill also provided funds toward the construction of the COTL facility which is still underway.

To learn more about COTL and how to become apart of this great mission please visit: